Winter activity holiday in the Isle of Man : Ski-cation 2021


Missing your usual winter ski trip?

What can you do at home during the winter?

Recreate that ski trip feeling, without the skis ! Read on…..


Ok so we cant guarantee snow, but we can help towards that “ski holiday feeling” in other ways!  


Are you missing some downhill fun, getting out of breath, banter and giggles, and exploring new areas?


Do you love a day of exercise, then coming inside to a fireplace, peeling off the layers and sharing stories of where you’ve been over a piece of cake and a cuppa?


How about a few hours of exhilaration, diving inside a café or a bar for a pitstop, then starting again to get strava really working!

Or what about a slow start, a spot of brunch, meeting friends at midday and joining up with them to spend a few hours in the hills?


Or being outdoors, face burning, layers making you hot, until mid afternoon, when the music goes on and the cocktails are flowing- perhaps still in your sports-gear until suddenly its 10pm!

What about a day off to meander around the village, have a coffee, take the kids to do some activities and have a well earned rest


Or getting to the end of the day and your chef is already there preparing a meal ready for you to sit at the kitchen island with a beer, have a chat, and watch a culinary delight being created?


And when your legs are sore from the day before, a massage back at your cottage with some relaxing music while everyone else disappears, leaving you to have a morning of bliss and me-time   


Yes we are missing all this too. So we want to make it happen for you!

 ...without the skis, but we do have the Manx hills, walking boot rooms, and mountain bike routes to recreate that ski holiday feeling.


Our package from £750 for 7 nights accommodation for up-to six people for the entire use of one of our self catering holiday cottages by the beach in Port Erin and includes:

  • Vouchers towards two meals in our favourite local restaurants 
  • Vouchers for morning hot chocolates for the family in Port Erin
  • Cake deliveries 
  • A bottle of Elderflower fizz from Foraging Vintners waiting for you in the fridge 

We can also arrange:

  • Spa treatments 
  • Mountain bike guide and coach 
  • Quad biking   
  • An in-cottage chef
  • Walking guides to show you the best views on the Isle of Man

So how about grabbing your walking boots or mountain bikes and making a week of it in luxury self catering accommodation in Port Erin with the family to get that ski holiday feeling.

Click on this link leaving your email address and the word "Skication" in the message box to receive all the details of the package and booking 


Isle of Man accommodation

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