12 fantastic beach products you need this summer

We are searching for holiday-at-home ideas this year, and the beach is a perfect summer holiday venue to step out of your holiday cottage to unwind, enjoy, play some beach games or relax.

But what happens when your coffee is on its side, your phone loses charge or your children take most of the beach back with them into the car? Not so nice? You need a list of handy beach items at the ready so when the sun is at the beach, you can be too.

Perhaps you are wondering what to take to the beach with kids, or things to take to the beach with a baby, read our 12 handy beach hacks we cannot be without:


1.Beach accessory holder

These accessory holders are really useful for drinks, phones, keys, sunglasses, and can even be personalised so everyone in the family has their own.  

2.Towel clips

These flamingo towel clips are perfect for stopping your towel from slipping if you are on a sunbed, helping you figure out which sunbed is yours when you are back from a swim, and of course stopping someone pinching your towel to grab your sunbed without taking two flamingos with it and being very obvious!

3.Microfibre towel

Instead of taking a bulky sandy beach towel, these are water-wicking, dry you quicker, and folds down into a much smaller packet to pop into a bag at the end of your day 

Beach Powder

4.Beach powder

Powder that removes sand, talc-free, environmentally safe and can be used on babies. Pop some on your hands and feet, dust off, and like magic sand is gone, plus you can get one with a shimmer that looks radiant while you are sipping a tea-time cocktail. Get some Beachpowder here, and see me try out this amazing product here.

5.Aqua Shoes

Peace of mind for a parent who worries that a beach day may end in tears and butterfly stitches! We couldn’t be without these shoes especially on a pebble beach, or when paddle-boarding.


6.Adjustable sunshade

A pop-up portable adjustable beach sun shade canopy with sun protection, like a mini beach umbrella parasol, that has a pillow, blanket and carry bag! You can even get them with a phone holder and headphone attachment, so your face is shaded whilst watching Netflix.  Try out this one.

7.Solar phone charger

Nothing worse than being out of charge especially when there are lovely photo opportunities. This one is a foldable waterproof travel charger and you can charge 3 devices at once, very handy if you know your day is going to turn into night and you may want photographs of the amazing Port Erin sunset.

8.Inflatable pillow

No stiff neck while you are watching the kids or having a read. This is a self-inflating water repellent pillow that folds to nothing and has a sack included. Millets sell a good one for the beach.

9.Large beach blanket made of parachute material

For ease of packing and carrying, with pebbles or weights on the outer corners so it doesn’t blow away, and pockets for belongings, try this Waterproof outdoor Mattress 2x1.4m. It packs away into a tiny carry bag, fits easily in your bag or under the pram, and is waterproof, and just shake it to clean it.

Perhaps don’t shake it next to a family who have just applied their suncream! However, this is perfect space saver and saves you from running down the beach every ten minutes to rescue a towel that has itself wrapped around the volleyball net!


Waterproof Phone case10.Waterproof phone case for swimming, SUP-boarding or kayaking

When you are out on the water and you see a dolphin or a seal in Port Erin Bay, imagine if you didn’t have anything to take a photo. We use them for safety purposes and wouldn’t go out without them. These waterproof phone cases hang around your neck on a safe chord or you can place inside your swimming float. Try this submersible phone case


11.Slimline flask for your coffee (or cocktail)

This flask fits very easily into your bag so saves space, sits easily on the beach, doesn’t matter if it is knocked over, and also looks extremely lovely. It’s also high quality stainless steel so perfect for outdoor use.


12.Waterproof playing cards and games

An afternoon on the beach wouldn’t be the same without a game of cards, and here are some waterproof beach playing cards that are just the job.  

So if you need to know what to take to the beach for a week, or go regularly, have these useful beach accessories at the ready to make your beach time fun, and stress free.


We would love to know any beach products that you couldn’t be without- let us know in the comments or contact us here to tell us what you like to include in your beachbag.

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